Bowen, QLD

The Jurgen family has been farming in Bowen, North Queensland for more than 90 years. Today, Jamie and Melita love what they do and see very real long-term prospects for their 400 ha tomato, capsicum and chilli farm.

Sustainable farming practices are of high importance to Jamie and Melita. As Reef Guardian Farmers the Jurgen’s are constantly improving their farm and educating people about the positive work that they do to preserve the environment and the many other benefits of Sustainable Farming Practices.

Soil health is at the heart of their farming. Over the years reductions in tillage, controlled traffic, permanent beds and adding compost have improved the soils. 

“We have seen better soil structure and better water holding capacity and infiltration.” 

The Jurgens and the Soil Wealth team are trialling compost together with different cover crops and a beneficial bacteria (QST 713).