Sustainable Small Farms Bus Tour - Central Coast NSW

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29 Sep 2017

One day bus tour of three sustainable small farms on the NSW Central Coast. This is a fantastic opportunity see three very different farms, meet the farmers and see sustainable farming in action.

The tour includes visits to: 

Grace Springs Farm is a small family run farm located in Kulnura in Central Coast. They produce grass fed and grass finished beef, pastured eggs, pastured chicken, pastured muscovy duck, vegetables, garlic and honey. “We believe that healthy soils = healthy pastures = healthy animals”.

Full Circle Farm is a pasture based, regenerative farm based on the ideas of Joel Salatin, “We strive to close the loop, mimicking a healthy ecosystem where animals are a vital part of creating a biodiverse and healthy landscape. We farm in a way that is ecologically enhancive and respects both the animal and its environment.”

Valleys End Farm Meet landholder Alexia Martinez and hear about her experiences with developing this little patch of paradise in Jilliby. Find out how Alexia has also managed to restore and protect the natural resources on this property. “We garden, we farm, we live and we teach everything permaculture.” 

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For more information please contact Vanessa Keyzer on or phone 02 4724 2118