Cover crops and soil & tissue testing workshop

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7 Nov 2018

Get the latest insights from industry experts on cover cropping and soil and tissue testing at this workshop in northern Victoria, in conjunction with the VegNET (N, W, SE) project.

Interested in the types and reasons for cover cropping? Cover crops are being rediscovered by vegetable growers as practical ways of improving soil productivity and health.

Why should you undertake soil and plant tissue testing and what are the costs? There are a number of laboratories providing testing services which can provide nutritional evaluations for vegetable crops. Choosing the right one can sometimes be challenging.

Attend this workshop to find out more information and understand how these practices and tests have the potential to benefit your growing operation.

Date: Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Time: 5.00pm - 8.00pm

Location: Lucky Khakh’s packing shed, 430 Central Avenue, Orrvale, Vic 3631

Contact Details

RSVP: Ken Orr, 0428 502 936,