Demonstration site visit and presentation at Landcare Tasmania Conference, TAS

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26 Oct to 27 Oct 2019

Join the Soil Wealth ICP project team in visiting the Richmond, TAS demonstration site and hear the latest developments in sustainable farming as part of the Landcare Tasmania Conference over two great days.

Richmond, TAS demonstration site to showcase sustainable practices during site visit

The team at Harvest Farms use reduced tillage, controlled traffic and cover cropping to help maintain and build soil organic matter. The team are also examining soil amendment practices for a positive effect on overall soil and crop health.

Harvest Farms have adopted an irrigation management system to sustainably control water and nutrient application to crops, utilising data from a variety of factors including forecast weather, irrigation volumes, satellite imagery, nutrient levels in water and soil moisture readings.

Meters, software and technology have been installed to measure and reduce overall usage of water and electricity. Procedures have been put in place to ensure lights and machinery are turned off when not in use to minimise unnecessary electricity usage.

Harvest Farms are committed to ensuring the continuity of the Conservation Covenant on their adjacent Glen Ayr property. Glen Ayr has some of the best plant species diversity in the district and the team are committed to working with local organisation, Tasmanian Land Conservancy, to protect and preserve the property to support conservation.

Harvest Farms actively reduces plastic use in favour of more environmentally-friendly packaging alternatives. OneHarvest, the mother company is  a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation who are committed to achieving 100% recyclable, reusable or compostable packaging in Australia by 2025.

The company is engaging with their transport providers to incorporate low emissions technology in  vehicles and to improve transport refrigeration to reduce emissions and environmental impact.

Food waste is separated from landfill and is provided to local farmers to feed livestock.

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