Farm walk: IPM in protected cropping, Peats Ridge, NSW

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17 Aug 2022

The Soil Wealth ICP team will deliver an in-person event on how vegetable growers can incorporate integrated pest management (IPM) in protected cropping environments.

Time: 10:00am-12:30pm AEST

Location: Family Fresh Farms, Peats Ridge, NSW

Registration: Limited spots are available, so registrations are essential.

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Details: Family Fresh Farms grower Wade Mann will guide participants on a walk in the glasshouse, showcasing how their IPM practices in their Qukes® (baby cucumbers) encompass a whole system approach of plant health, climate control, hygiene, biosecurity etc.

Participants will then observe various hands-on demonstrations to learn of the key tools, principles and activities that can be applied to ensure IPM practices are effective in various protected cropping environments. A light barbeque lunch will be provided.

The event presents an opportunity for participants to connect with IPM experts, where growers and agronomists can learn how to incorporate IPM into regular farming operations and ways to improve IPM practice.