Potato R&D Forum 2021: Managing pest and disease

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29 Jul to 30 Jul 2021

Join two interactive online sessions on managing pest and disease, and getting the best out of your soil.

Session One: Pest Management

Thursday 29 July, 2:00-4:30pm

  • Season update from the regions: What have been the key pest and disease issues?
  • Management of soil constraints in the potato industry: Ben Fleay/Greg Hall (Precision Agriculture)
  • Tamarixia triozae: a small parasitoid with a big future: How has Tamarixia helped New Zealand manage TPP? Dr Sally Anderson (Market Access Solutionz)
  • New smartphone technologies for pathogen detection: Professor Jean Ristaino (North Carolina State University) (GRDC Video)
  • iMapPESTS and emerging insect threats for the potato industry: Callum Fletcher and Shakira Johnson (AUSVEG)
  • Overview of new crop protection products: Tim Belleville (E.E. Muir & Sons)
  • Panel discussion:  How will new technology and products help us manage pests and soil health?

Session Two: Soil Health and Disease Management

Friday 30 July, 2:00-4:30pm

  • Promoting soil health: How can cover crops and soil amendments improve your soil health and yield? Julie Finnigan (Serve-Ag)
  • PREDICTA Pt: How can you identify risks before they become a problem? Michael Rettke (SARDI)
  • Update on ‘Investigating soil pH and nutrition as possible factors influencing pink rot in potatoes': Dr Robert Tegg (TIA)
  • Simplot Ag R&D disease-related projects overview: Dr Audrey Leo (Simplot)
  • Update on ‘Mechanisms and manipulation of resistance to powdery scab in potato roots’: Professor Calum Wilson (TIA)
  • Panel discussion: Options and approaches for managing soil borne disease and promoting plant health.

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