PotatoLink Webinar: Practical tools to help scheduling and monitor irrigation in potatoes

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23 Sep 2021

Get your irrigation ready for the summer!

Date and timing:

       Thursday 23 September 2021

       12:00 - 1:00 pm AEST


As it warms up and your potato crop gets going Kelvin Montagu and Marc Hinderager talk practical tools to help scheduling and monitor irrigation in potatoes.

Irrigation is a major cost in potato production and has a big impact on potato yield and quality. The webinar will help get all workers involved in potato irrigation on the same page to help ensure the best return from your current potato crop.

Get your whole irrigation crew along.

Marc will outline how water needs changes during crop development and the times to watch out for.

Kelvin will cover the tools available for scheduling and monitoring irrigation in potatoes. This will cover everything from the ever-reliable spade through to soil moisture measuring tools and crop water estimates using satellites. 

Some key questions cover will be:

  • When to start your irrigation?
    • beginning of the season
    • after rainfall
  • Are you drying down you subsoil?
  • What forecasts are available and how to use them?
  • How can soil moisture and crop water use be used to schedule irrigation?
    • Tips to setting full and refill points
    • Tips on estimating crop water use