Guide to Common Diseases and Disorders of Parsley

Crop failures of up to 100% have been recorded for parsley in both Queensland and Victoria. Diseases causing major commercial losses in Australia are:

  • Root rots, which occur in Queensland during warm, wet weather and in Victoria during cool, wet weather
  • Leaf spot, caused by Septoria petroselini, is the predominant foliage disease of parsley
  • Leaf blight caused by Alternaria petroselini 
  • Root-knot nematode damage caused by Meloidogyne sp. have caused major economic losses on individual farms
  • Viral diseases appear to be more of a curiosity, than the cause of crop losses in Australia

There is little information on parsley diseases, especially in Australia. State herbaria have limited collections of parsley diseases. 

A number of diseases occur on parsley in Australia and overseas, with some better documented than others. 

Whilst it is easy to identify the causal agent of some parsley diseases, others remain elusive. 

Many diseases that occur on related Apiaceae, such as carrots and celery, also occur on parsley.

When referring to this book it is important to realise that more than one disease can occur on plants at any one time. 

Also symptoms can be difficult to distinguish and diagnostic tests may be required to identify the cause accurately.

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