Can calcium cyanamide (Ca(CN)2) fertiliser affect Pythium spp. and other soilborne diseases in carrots – findings of an on-farm demonstration

Calcium cyanamide (Ca(CN)2) fertiliser was tested for efficacy against Pythium sulcatum and P. violae in a grower led demonstration trial in a commercial carrot crop in Western Australia. The wax coated fertiliser was applied according to manufacturer’s instructions at 300 kg/ha and 500 kg/ha of fertiliser to one full length carrot bed each. An untreated bed adjacent to each treated bed was used as control. All standard commercial crop management inputs were applied consistently to treated and control beds. This included nitrogen fertilisers.

This report presents findings from a grower led, on-farm demonstration trial. Grower led pilot trials provide preliminary feasibility assessments of new practices. They can lead to on-farm adaptation of practices and/or replicated research trials to rigorously test assumptions made because of initial findings.