Check your irrigation system is ready for the coming season

A check of your irrigation system will ensure you are ready to start irrigating on time and are set-up well for the season ahead.

Simple checks to correct issues that were evident during the previous season, or have occurred whilst the system has been idle, will result in more efficient water and power use and avoid mid-season break downs.

A close inspection also identifies items for updating maintenance checklists and proactive management of foreseeable issues before they become a costly crisis. These systems perform most efficiently when operating to specifications.

All pressurised irrigation systems need to have a pump that is properly selected to the system’s duty, is operating efficiently and is well maintained. If the pump is not performing properly, the irrigation system won’t either.

Ensure the pipe sizes are adequate, especially the suction pipe, ensure the foot-valve and strainer are not blocked, check inside the pump for partial or full blockages, ensure the operating pressure and flow are according to specifications, and have the efficiency checked at regular intervals.