Internal rot of capsicums/chillies - Call for samples


Internal rot of capsicums and chillies is a major ongoing issue for Australian growers, typically those in warm, humid growing areas. It affects both field and greenhouse grown fruit, especially if humidity is not well controlled. The disease generally affects the seed inside the fruit rather than the edible portion.

Although infection is believed to occur at flowering, the disease usually does not develop until the capsicum/ chilli starts to ripen, with spread most rapid after harvest. As the disease cannot be detected from the outside, infected fruit can be sent to market. This can lead to consignments being downgraded or destroyed, as well as affecting consumer confidence and purchases.


Several different fungi can cause the disease, including species of Fusarium and Alternaria. However, it is unclear which is/are the main organism(s) responsible for this disease in Australia. This project will identify the causal organism(s) and develop management techniques to both prevent infection and minimise the risk of sending unacceptable fruit to market.

In order to determine the causal agent(s) in Australia and to develop effective control measures, we need affected capsicums and chillies from the Australian capsicum and chilli industry.

Please click HERE to download the flyer with instructions on how to collect samples and send to us for study.


For more information contact Dr Len Tesoriero 0447 623 487 or Dr Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyse 02 8627 1040 or if you have questions.