Implementing IPM on farm - experiences from leading growers: Peter Schreurs and Sons, Devon Meadows VIC

Peter Schreurs and Sons grow a range of vegetable crops on their 180 hectare farm in Devon Meadows near Cranbourne in Victoria. Leeks are the main crop in the business, but they also produce cos lettuce, endive, kohl-rabi, wombok and radicchio.

On the farm, Darren Schreurs is responsible for controlling pest and disease in the crops. Darren first encountered Integrated Pest Management (IPM) when he was trying to deal with mites and thrips in their leek crop.

The Schreurs trialed the predatory mite, persimilis, to control two-spotted mite in a fish tank, before being comfortable to test the approach on a leek crop in field. 

Having not used insecticides on their leek crop for the past 15 years, the Schreurs' can see the results in the quality of their produce and reputation with buyers.

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To hear Peter Schreurs talk about the benefit of lacewings to control aphids and mites on his lettuce crop, have a look at the short video above too.