Implementing IPM on farm - experiences from leading growers: Schreurs and Sons, Clyde VIC

Schreurs and Sons are one of the largest celery producers in Australia. Production of celery by the family business has relied on IPM for well over a decade.

The original drivers for exploring an IPM option were borne out of problems relying on a pesticide- based strategy. After initial trials, where IPM was proven effective, the approach was implemented on all farms and crops.

Control of caterpillars and aphids were initially the key pests to be dealt with, but chewing pests such as vegetable weevil, lightbrown apple moth and cutworm are also equally important at certain times.

All of these pests can be dealt with using an IPM strategy, which has been achieved at Schreurs and Sons.

Watch the short video above to hear Adam Schreurs talk about their IPM journey.