Seasonal rainfall outlook for vegetable growing regions (September - November 2019)

For vegetable growers in eastern Victoria, NSW and Queensland it is timely to review their water availability for summer crops.

A drier than average spring is forecast for most regions as shown in red below, especially for Eastern Victoria to Queensland. This compounds the dry year to date with some vegetable growing regions receiving less than half of their usual rainfall (see figure below).

This means little relief is in sight for those currently experiencing rainfall deficiencies after a dry start to the year for large parts of Australia.

The forecast is better for Tasmania, southwest of WA, and southern Victoria (Ballarat, Greater Melbourne, Bairnsdale). In those regions the average total rainfall in the next 3 months is forecast. 

Stanthorpe in Queensland will hopefully see some rain with average rainfall forecasted for Spring. 

Spring days are likely to be warmer than average for mainland Australia. With below average rainfall forecast and therefore clearer skies, nights are likely to be cooler than average in parts of the south at times, with increased risk of frost in susceptible areas.


For more details visit Bureau of meterology Climate outlooks