Managing the risks of powdery scab in potatoes

A new guide is available on the management of powdery scab in potatoes, highlighting key factors that affect the risks of this disease and opportunities for effective disease management.

It includes important information including an overview of powdery scab and what it looks like, factors that encourage infections and ways to reduce the risks, as well as references and further resources. 

The guide was developed as part of the Australian Potato Pest and Disease R&D Program.

Further information and resources

Professor Richard Falloon from Plant and Food Research NZ recently completed a three-year project investigating the properties of Spongospora suppressive soils in New Zealand. To find out more on the outcomes of this project please read his article

The World Potato Congress also held an excellent webinar on powdery scab in potatoes, presented by Dr Leah Tsor, which provides some useful guidance on how to reduce the risk of powdery scab through an integrated disease management approach.