Compliant compost: Documenting safe compost production

As compost is treated to kill human pathogens, it can be used freely on vegetable crops with no withholding periods. However, evidence of treatment must be provided. 

Without this evidence, compost that contains manure (or other animal products) is considered “untreated”. It therefore attracts the same food safety restrictions as raw manure.

Compliant Compost is a new, simple code of practice that can be independently verified by approved auditors. The code is focused on demonstrating that the compost will not introduce human pathogens into the environment or onto food. Compost certified using the “compliant compost” program can therefore be used on farm without restriction.

Find out more in this fact sheet, which was developed as part of Waste Less, Recycle More, supported by the NSW Environment Protection Authority and funded from the waste levy.