Getting soil and nutrition management right with the EnviroVeg program

Healthy soil and correct nutrition management is essential to a productive vegetable business and protecting the natural environment. 

This informative and interactive session provided the latest updates on: 

  • The new EnviroVeg program, technical resources and how to get involved in the pilot program with Andrew Shaw, AUSVEG (download the accompanying presentation here)
  • Main benefits from being involved in EnviroVeg from a growers perspective with David Anderson, Supafresh
  • Technical insights into effective nitrogen management, how to avoid wasting nitrogen and achieve the required productivity and vegetable quality with Dr Doris Blaesing, RMCG (download the accompanying presentation here).

The webinar offered a unique insight into how to manage vegetable soils and nutrition with a focus on nitrogen as the most mobile nutrient prone to losses via waterways and air. 

The key messages from the technical presentation were:

  • Nitrogen (N) is dynamic and needs to be managed accordingly (remember the 4 Rs - right product, right time, right rate, right place)
  • Standard N rates (or recipes) are not useful for effective N use, they may be used as a rough guide
  • Soil reserves and plant uptake of N should be monitored to make good decisions 
  • Check the success of N application by calculating the nitrogen use efficiency (NUE%). 

This session was delivered as a collaboration between the Soil Wealth and Integrated Crop Protection projects (delivered by RMCG and AHR, funded by Host Innovation) and the EnviroVeg program (delivered through AUSVEG in partnership with Growcom and Freshcare).