Strip-tillage for vegetables and potatoes with Steve Peterson (USA) and Ben Pogiolli

Strip-tillage combines the best of no-till and conventional tillage in the one operation.

Steve Peterson is a 4th generation farmer and manufacturer of innovative strip-till equipment in Illinois, USA. One of Steve’s fundamental goals has been to reduce the number of passes through the paddock using equipment that is adjustable for a wide variety of crops, conditions, and farming methods. Click here for further information on Steve's business. 

Ben Pogiolli is an experienced strip-till farmer from the Atherton Tablelands, QLD. Ben is passionate about tillage solutions and all the benefits of strip-tillage. Find out more about Ben's business here

Together, Steve and Ben combine decades of experience to discuss equipment innovations for vegetable cropping. They explain how strip-till will save you fuel and time, increase soil organic matter, reduce erosion and compaction, and how fertilisers can be banded at multiple depths.