A strategic approach to weed management for the Australian Vegetable Industry

The overall goal is to give growers the very best weed management practices to ensure they can continue to deliver quality vegetables to Australian consumers and export markets for years to come.

This work is based on two scoping studies conducted by the research team in this field: Weed management for the Australian vegetable industry (completed in 2014); and Sustainable broadleaf weed control in cucurbit crops (completed in 2011).

The project will deliver a suite of tools and techniques to make vegetable fields less hospitable to weeds, minimising the need for intervention and dealing weeds a knockout blow. As part of the project, we’ll conduct field trials in various States, and consult with growers across the nation.

These findings will culminate in Australia's first Vegetable Industry Weed Manual. Find out more on the project website here

This four year project is funded by Horticulture Innovation Australia (VG15070), using the vegetable industry levy and funds from the Australian Government.