Biofumigation media from the 5th International Symposium of Biofumigation

Biofumigation, using brassica cover crops or preserved brassica formulations with high glucosinolate content offers an attractive crop protection solution. In addition to the recorded suppression of a range of pests, diseases and weeds, the practice has a positive impact on soil fertility and structure. Much of the research is this area is multifaceted, drawing expertise from a range of disciplines. The 5th International Symposium of Biofumigation provided a unique opportunity for researchers, crop managers, agronomists and seed suppliers to meet and discuss new developments in this rapidly evolving area. The symposium covered the following topics:

  • New technologies surrounding the biofumigation technique
  • Measurement of glucosinolates and hydrolysis products (e.g. ITCs)
  • Management of pests, weeds and diseases using biofumigation
  • Manipulation of biofumigation
  • Synergy of biofumigation with other non-chemical techniques
  • Grower experiences
  • Round table discussion on research in biofumigation