Meet the team

RMCG and Applied Horticultural Research (AHR) have delivered the Soil Wealth ICP project to Australia's vegetable industry since 2014. 

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Pictured left to right: Dr Kristen Stirling (RMCG), Carl Larsen (RMCG), Dimi Kyriakou (RMCG), Donna Lucas (RMCG), Dr Anne-Maree Boland (RMCG), Dr Gordon Rogers (AHR), Stephanie Tabone (AHR) and Ryan Hall (AHR).

Absent: Dr Kelvin Montagu (AHR), Dr Pieter Van Nieuwenhuyse (AHR), Marc Hinderager (AHR), Dr Doris Blaesing (RMCG), Isabel Axio (RMCG), Morag Anderson (RMCG) and Kim Saville (AHR).