Virginia, SA

With a background in the transport industry, Andrew and Zurri Braham decided to start growing tomatoes and cucumbers in a soil-based system about 16 years ago and started growing capsicums in 2006. They built their farm in Virginia, South Australia in five stages and are now solely growing capsicums. They supply major markets with fruit from November through until July each year. Planting commences in August.

Braham Produce now has a strong reputation in the market for producing exceptional quality. Many factors contribute to their success. Some of these include a focus on premium capsicum varieties, strict hygiene and biosecurity, implementing integrated pest management systems (IPM), and use of compost and boosting the soil microbiology. 

The Soil Wealth ICP project is teaming up with Braham Produce to showcase some of their work on using organic amendments, biofumigation and other soil health management practices in a protected cropping production system.