Irrigation management

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Soil health and water use efficiency

October 2018
Soil health and water use efficiency

Using water efficiently means applying enough water to meet the needs of the crop - not more, not less.

A soil in good condition consists of around 50% solid matter; this includes organic matter. The remaining space should be half filled with air and half with water. Organic matter is the main driver of soil health.

Read this practical fact sheet for guidance on readily available water (RAW) and soil texture, as well as healthy soil conditions.

Irrigation Management in Sweet Corn

July 2018
Irrigation Management in Sweet Corn

Sweet corn has a high water requirement. The most sensitive growth stages (3–5) are also when crop water usage is at its highest, increasing by more than 400% over a few weeks. This rapid increase in crop water use can catch growers out and reduce yield and quality.

Read this fact sheet to discover more about practical irrigation tips including crop development, water use and key irrigation decisions, as well as handy tools available to help with irrigation decisions. Guidance on soil moisture monitoring is also provided.