Best Practice for Vegetables - Sclerotinia in Lettuce

This document incorporates information essential for economic and sustainable control of a specific disease in Australian vegetables.

It is one of a series of documents intended to provide information on “best practice” control of diseases of vegetables. As a result it conforms to the strategy of Integrated Crop Protection (ICP) where the “whole” crop is managed to achieve our aim of disease control. However, there is a bias in this document towards fungicide control options with other strategies blended in to the mix of disease control.

The following are the main principles of ICP used in this document for best practice:-

  • To select from the available range of economically effective methods to manage plant pathogens below the threshold for disease
  • To manage these methods to prolong their effectiveness as long as possible
  • To use these methods to minimise adverse effects on users, environment and other crop

For each disease there is one or more key components which are integral for the management of the specific diseases - these are called the “KEYS”.