At the cutting edge: Advancements in biopesticides for profitable vegetable production

Biopesticides are a diverse group of pest control products based on naturally occurring biochemicals, minerals and microbes. They generally have very low toxicity to humans and are sustainable with minimal environmental impacts. Many can be used in organic production.

Watch this interactive webinar recording to hear from leading international researchers, including:

  • Prof. Travis Glare, Director of the Bio-Protection Research Centre, Lincoln University, NZ 
  • Prof. Neena Mitter, Director Centre for Horticultural Science, The University of Queensland, AU. 

The session covers:

  • Biopesticides and their application 
  • How to maximise their success 
  • New products and emerging trends 
  • Future research innovations.

This webinar recording is also complemented by the popular and practical Biologicals Product Database, which is a tool the project team developed for growers to assist with navigating the array of ‘biological’ products currently available to their farming business.