At the cutting edge: Advancements in integrated crop protection for profitable vegetable production


Integrated crop protection (ICP) takes a holistic approach to plant health. It builds on the principles of integrated pest management (IPM) combined with site-specific soil, nutrition and irrigation managment, and decsion making based on relevant monitoring data and forecasting.

There are a number of important advancements and lessons from Europe (EU) implementing a madatory ICP approach in vegetable production systems. The need to use ICP there has driven RD&E that can be applied in the Australian context.

Watch this interactive webinar to hear from leading international researchers and practitioners from Europe and Australia on:

  • Building ICP into your current production system
  • Tools to manage the risk of insect pests, diseases and weeds
  • Realising the benefits of an ICP approach. 

Speakers and presentation slides

Martin Zuijderwijk (Biobest Group) discussed the mandatory introduction of integrated pest management (IPM) in the EU. Martin manages a team of enthusiastic IPM and Pollination Specialists (IPS) at Biobest Group in the Netherlands. They develop technical biocontrol strategies, provide support and training and share practical knowledge with their customers.

Danielle Park (EnviroVeg program, AUSVEG) discussed the role of best management practice programs in managing the risk of insect pests, diseases and weeds. Danielle is the Coordinator of the EnviroVeg program, an industry-led environmental best management practice program. EnviroVeg provides technical resources and, through completion of a self-assessment, allows benchmark data for vegetable production businesses to track performance.

Maarten van Helden (SARDI) joined Martin, Danielle and Doris Blaesing (Soil Wealth ICP) for a panel discussion and Q&A. Maarten is a skilled entomologist with experience in R&D, virology, IPM and landscape ecology in horticulture, viticulture and broad-acre farming systems. He has worked in the Netherlands and France as well as Australia.

Additional resources

This webinar is also complemented by the new global scan and review What Changes to Expect – Integrated Crop Protection, which is a resource the project team developed for growers and agronomists to assist with understanding some of the changes affecting the integrated crop protection and tools available by examining what is happening elsewhere, globally and in other sectors.