Pesticides and insect pest control in vegetables with Dr Siobhan de Little

Chemicals have different modes of action that can affect both insect pests and beneficial species differently.

It's important to understand the risk profile of these modes of action, and how this influences resistance management as well as informing the implementation of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). 

The key take home messages from the webinar include: 

  • Know your chemical mode of action (MoA) groups
  • Get familiar with beneficial insect species relevant to your pests and cash crop
  • Don’t spray unless you need to, and use monitoring, correct identification and economic thresholds to inform your spraying decisions. 

Watch the recording of this interactive session with Dr Siobhan de Little and James Maino from cesar, facilitated by Carl Larsen from RMCG and delivered as part of the Integrated Crop Protection extension project.

You can also download the accompanying presentation slides here