Salinity and potato production (Part 2 of 4): Know your salts to better manage potato nutrition

Think you know your salts? Watch this interactive webinar recording to find out how growers can better manage salinity and potato nutrition. Topics discussed include chloride toxicity, chloride and nitrate competition, sodium, bicarbonates, pH implications, the use of Thiocal to help flush salts and improve soil condition, and SOP fertilisers vs MOPs.

Hear from panelists Julie Finnigan (Serve-Ag), Dr Doris Blaesing (RMCG), Bruce Scott (E.E. Muir & Sons) and Carl Larsen (RMCG). 

You can also access a copy of the accompanying fact sheet that provides further guidance based on the results and key findings from the three year project. 

This webinar was funded by Hort Innovation as part of the project - Impact of groundwater quality on management of centre pivot grown potato crops (PT16001).